Photo sharing for professional photographers

Tog was a SaaS website for wedding photographers to share the high-res photos they take with their clients. It offered a super simple upload process and an even simpler pricing model. $25 per wedding.

Brides could share their photos with all of their friends by sending around a single URL. From there, you could save your favorite photos and order them as prints.

I did everything for Tog: the front-end design, responsiveness, front-end development, back-end development with Rails, and even the server administration on Amazon AWS and S3.

Tog is now out of business and the site has been taken down. It failed because I spread myself too thin and focused too much on the development side, instead of things like marketing and building word-of-mouth around how great Tog was. I definitely approached it from the "build it and they will come" mindset, which didn't work. Lesson learned.

Here are lots of screenshots in all of its glory:

Marketing page

Gallery view

A gallery can have multiple albums

Share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email

Add print to shopping cart

Branded shopping cart for wedding photographer

Simple one-page checkout

Post-checkout screen

Gallery view on mobile

Lightbox view on mobile

Mobile optimized one page cart

Mobile optimzed login page

"Add to homescreen" iPhone app for gallery

Email inviation to a gallery

Bulk download all of the full resolution files from gallery

Public portfolio page for photographers

Admin panels for wedding photographers

All of your galleries

Create a new gallery

Name your gallery and pay for it

Uploading demo

Fastest gallery in the west from Tog on Vimeo.

Uploading photos to gallery

Photos are done uploading

All of the photos in a gallery (drag and drop to organize)

Delete photos all at once

Gallery settings

Your VIPs for a gallery

Invite a VIP with a real email preview

Account settings

Manage your account

Change your password

Save and update your credit card payment information

Upload a logo to customize your galleries

Customize the look and feel of your galleries for a branded look

Tog Shop

Start selling prints in two steps

No products yet

Add your own print products

Shop settings