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A/B testing service by Kevin Holesh

What is Improve?

Improve is an A/B testing service to increase the conversion rate on your site. That's nerd-speak for bringing you more of what you want. Your web app and your site have certain goals. I improve your site to reach those goals.

Your goals are something like this:

Each month, you'll get a report detailing last month's improvements and the test results. I detail what reasons explain the results and what we can infer from them to guide us in the future. Also, in each monthly report is an outline and a hypothesis for this month's tests.

Then I'll set up the different variations using my A/B testing tool. Throughout the month, I'll monitor how the test is going and make the necessary tweaks to the variations.

Why do you need it?

A/B testing can help you reach your goals, but you need to know what to test. That's where my experience comes in handy.

Setting up and managing A/B tests is a fairly simple task, so I take care of that so your web developers can focus on their actual job. Don't take them away from improving your product to manage A/B tests.

Improve is a service that will cost you much less than redesigning your landing page. Even a cheap landing page design will cost more than one year of Improve.

And Improve will have a much greater impact on your bottom line. I guarantee it.

Who am I?

You know the story of the the consultant who is called in to fix a problem with an multi-million dollar machine. Each day the machine is down is costing the business owner hundreds of thousands of dollars. The consultant looks at the machine for a few minutes, unpacks his hammer, and takes one light swing at a certain part of the machine.

Boom! Now the machine works.

Soon after, the business owner gets an invoice for $50,000. He is flabbergasted. He frantically calls the consultant and asks how he could dare charge so much for one swing of a hammer.

The consultant answers, “I only charged you $100 for the labor of swinging the hammer. The rest was for the expertise to know where and how to swing the hammer to fix your machine.”

When it comes to your website, I'm the expert wielding the hammer. I've been developing and designing websites for over eleven years, and A/B testing for seven. I've worked with everything from blogs, to e-commerce shops, and even a number of startups. Optimizing web app landing pages is what I do best.

I even designed a landing page and product that raised $1,000,000 from Mark Cuban himself.

What is it like to work with me?

Kevin is always very personable and has a solution to any requests we've had. He is timely with his email responses and gets through work very efficiently. On top of being a solid developer, he offers advice based on his experiences and knowledge with e-commerce and traditional platforms. Overall, we're very pleased with the work he has completed for our company.

Gabe Roth (Founder of Casepops)

A unicorn in a sea of horses.

Jerimiah Lee Lancaster (Advisor for Devotee and AlphaLab)

I've grown to know Kevin over the past 4 years while he designed our automotive software from a concept to a successful product. If you're looking to build an application or marketing website, I highly recommend Kevin for your project as his insights and coding abilities are far superior to others in the field.

Garrett Jockel (Founder of SMI)

I'll be completely honest, working with Kevin is a different type of experience. To find someone as skilled as he is and also equally passionate is rare. Let's put it this way, he gives a shit about his work.

Jordan Messina (Partner for Forge)

Who is Improve for?

Improve is a perfect fit for companies who have a web-based product and specific goals they want to achieve (i.e. more customers signing up for trials and ultimately buying your product). You're doing marketing and advertising to drive people to your site, and want to do a better job at turning those precious and expensive visitors into lifelong customers.

You might have a small development team, or you might not. Either way, I can handle the entire design and implementation of the A/B tests.

Improve is for companies that know the value of increasing their conversion rate, and need someone to drive that improvement.

How do I Improve?

Improve costs $1,300 a month for designing and managing your tests. Also, you can purchase an entire year for $13,000.

I offer a full money-back guarantee. If I do not improve your conversion rate within three months, I'll give back every cent you paid for Improve. I'm so confident in my work that I offer a 100% guarantee that it will work for you.

Currently, there are 15 13 9 slots available.

Apply here to answer a few basic questions about your company and to get the conversation started.

Thank you and I look forward to working to improve your business!

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